3 Golden Rules for a Relationship–with the Infinite?

By Joseph Downey

Lianne wrote a blog post about polarity relationships that’s really stuck with us. She listed 3 Golden Measures of a true polarity relationship:

1. Balanced give-and-take
2. Mutual respect
3. Shared Goals

Over the years, these measures have proven to be true time and time again, whether we apply them to relationships we have with others, or when observing where others’ relationships fail, even fictional ones in books, movies, and TV.

The other day, my mind raced to the extreme of relationships, as it often does with things. I wondered about my relationships with more evolved, disembodied beings, then jumped to angels, then to God and Goddess, and finally to the Fountainhead, the Source, the Infinite. How does my relationship to the Source of Life measure up to Lianne’s three golden measures? Not too well.

Take shared goals for instance: How could I, being physically mortal and not evolved enough to sustain infinite life in a higher dimension possibly share any goals with the Infinite? Just contemplating the Infinite, my head looks like that little emoticon with the exploding brain. So how could I share goals with something I couldn’t possibly understand and never would?

Mutual respect? Forget it. I often lose respect for myself. Self respect is a constant struggle for anyone determined to improve themselves.

And balanced give and take? How could I, a puny, minuscule, blorp of plasma possibly give anything to the Fountainhead of all things living, dead, material, and incorporeal? Isn’t my relationship with the Source always going to be take? I mean, it’s the Source, right? By its very definition it doesn’t need anything from me.

I could feel nihilism creeping up my spine on segmented legs. “When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you,” Nietzsche hissed in my ear. But then, before I could contemplate black fingernails and lipstick, I figured I should at least ask the Infinite if I could give back to it in any way. We’re supposed to have a speck of god within us, the potential to become infinite, a soul which doesn’t die easily. So I asked, and an answer came.

“You can give back only one thing: Your own unique expression in every dimension you’re functional.” And that kicked Nietzsche in the butt. That answer shifted everything.

I don’t know everything about the Infinite, no one does, but I have figured out some basic principles about it. For instance, in order for a thing to be and remain infinite, it must consist of an infinite number of finite forms. If you think about it enough times, you’ll realize that’s true before you turn into the exploding brain emoji. Stare at the yin-yang symbol long enough and you can get at the same concept. But the yin-yang symbol has a little piece of its opposite on each side. So I’m a yin-yang emoji. We all are. But the point here is that the infinite does need me to do something. It needs me to be my unique self. Something no one else can be. If I can figure out what that is and be it, then I will be giving back to the Source. I’ll have a balanced give and take relationship with the Infinite. And, counter-intuitively, as I express that unique self and take up my place as one of the finite pieces of the infinite, I’ll be strengthening that little piece of the opposite side of the yin-yang within me. I take the first step to becoming infinite myself.

Which gives me self-respect, and puts me in mutual respect with the Infinite.

And it also gives us a shared goal: for me to take my place as a unique finite piece of the infinite with a spark of the infinite within me.

So, cool, the potential is there for a polarity relationship with the Fountainhead. Trouble is figuring out what your own unique expression is in a world where everyone is pushing and pulling and trying to shape you into all sorts of little mini me’s: Parents, governments, universities, neighbors, co-workers—the list is long. Sometimes people are afraid of things that are different. But that’s changing as the world enters the age of Aquarius, where diversity is embraced as a concept that makes us all stronger together.

So be your unique self, just like everyone else, if you can figure out what that is.

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  • Kat Brown
    August 4, 2023 - 2:37 pm · Reply

    Thanks, Joseph, this is exactly what I needed to hear/read today.
    All the best in your search (maybe it’s enough to seek the unique functional me)
    for that balance.

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