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We publish books for humanitarians and nature lovers, for Spirit Nerds, Star Seeds, and Lightworkers, for the metaphysically inclined and the passionately involved. We love a good story, and we’re deeply involved in our own quest for truth.

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What This Blog Is About

These are my observations on life through an inter-dimensional prism. You’ll find articles about human biofields, energy medicine, life colors, immortality, cosmic consciousness, past lives, inter-dimensional realities, and contemporary issues—all in the context of a universal, infinite perspective of life continuous.

I am the author of two works of visionary fiction, Cosmic Dancer and The Liberator. My non-fiction book, Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be is a workshop in a book designed to help you build your intuition, your past-life awareness skill, and a stronger connection to your own “higher resources.” As with all my work, I wrote these books in collaboration with my Cosmic CoAuthors, which is how I refer to the Lighted Ones with whom I have studied for many lifetimes. (Perhaps you have too?)


My Qualifications

I earned a degree in Mass Communication from the University of California at Davis, after studying theater, film, and journalism at Michigan State and San Diego State universities as well. This led to my career as an arts journalist in the 1980s, writing for two major metropolitan newspapers and a variety of magazines.

I began my study of inter-dimensional energy science while at San Diego State, when I stumbled into the books of visionary philosopher Ernest L. Norman (1904-1971). His cosmology dramatically changed my perception and hence, influenced all of my adult years.

After years of study and psychic awakening, I wound up teaching (with my husband Joseph) subtle energy science, including past life awareness and healing, energy medicine, life colors, polarity relationships, and so on. I’ve appeared on radio and television, and written many articles on these topics.

In the mid-1980s, while writing for The Los Angeles Times, San Diego Edition, my reincarnation articles and TV appearances talking about past lives ran afoul of their conservative editorial staff. When they tried to muzzle my public discourse about esoteric topics (so as not to reflect on the Times), being young, I walked out in a huff. I shrank into obscurity as much as possible after other news sources made a big deal out of their prejudicial treatment. For decades, I kept my interests close to my chest, waiting for the world to catch up. Thankfully, it has!!

* * * *

I would love to hear your own story of spiritual exploration and growth. You can either leave a comment on one of these pages, or contact me directly through the form located here. If you post your story as a comment, others will gain the benefit as well. Plus, my Cosmic CoAuthors often step in to help me answer online questions. Their answers amaze me!

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