Books: Tools to Open New Portals

By Lianne Downey

Your body is supported by a finely tuned electrical system, and the software that powers it does not exist in this third dimension.

Your physical life is powered by an extended biofield matrix that transfers energy/intelligence to and fro, between dimensions, creating the circumstances by which your body survives in the elements of a third-dimensional world. You might think of it as your personal software. Cleverly enough, this software-like matrix is built and revised by you, over time, through constant repetitions of action and conscious thought in the third-dimensional world in which your physical body must survive.

This electrical system is also your communication tool, one that lets you access new portals as you discover and resonate in harmony with them.

You can vibe with any level of the Infinite, of course. That’s how you learn your way up and down the spectrum of experience. But if you wish to enhance your matrix with higher-dimensional resources, the kind that can give you a boost up the ladder, you’ve got choices: develop these connections between incarnations—or reach them via mental attunement and physical association during your earthly sojourns.

That last bit is where books come in.

Open New Portals into the Infinite

If tuning in to new ideas is what makes you grow, spiritually and intellectually, what better tool than a book?

Nonfiction or fiction, books can encapsulate treasures for your discovery. Our objective as Jolibro Publishing is to bring you new information, new materials, new perspectives, and experiences from the highest and best sources by which to enhance your personal, multi-dimensional Being.

Some books become the special tools that introduce you to worlds beyond your present experience, and on those worlds, Beings who might share their wisdom, once you make their connection. That’s a connection that can last lifetimes, and help you zoom ahead thousands of years in your personal development.

Speed Your Evolution

Transformation? We’re here to help you speed the process.

Sometimes the book that sparks your next ah-ha might be written as fantasy. Other times the book you need might explain how to conduct a “quiet sit” in the woods. Or lead you to venture a deep dive into spiritual philosophies you hadn’t encountered before.

As a seeker after truth, we’ve got your book needs covered. (And we’re not above the occasional pun.)

“When the Reader is ready…the Book appears!” ™

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