Review Requests

For review copies, please email us at with Review Copy Request in the subject line. In addition to the title, author, and ISBN (if you know it), please supply your intended use and credentials, and links to previous reviews that you have completed.

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The material published by Jolibro Publishing is protected under copyright law, with a few rare exceptions. Written permission from the publisher is required if you wish to reproduce our material. You may email us with this request at, with Permissions in the subject line.

In your request, include:

  • The book’s title, author(s), and ISBN number
  • The exact page numbers of the excerpt you wish to use.
  • A specific description of the purpose, the audience (type and size), and the context in which the material is intended to be used
  • If for print, the name of the requestor’s publisher and the expected print run size. If for digital, audio, video, or other use, detailed information about nature, size of the audience, distribution, longevity, and so on.
  • Contact information so that we may follow up with either our permission or request for more information.

Please allow us adequate time to respond. If your request is time-sensitive please indicate this in the subject line of your email.