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The Voice of Venus: Collector’s Edition

By Ernest L. Norman

Illustrated by R.E. Moore

Dictated by the Ascended Masters of the Seven Shamballas, The Pulse of Creation series sweeps the reader off to the higher-dimensional worlds where Luminaries of Earth’s past continue their workafter so-called “death,” carrying out their efforts to enlighten humanity.

Clairvoyantly and clairaudiently received through Ernest L. Norman (1904‒1971), Book One, The Voice of Venus,was first published in 1956 and remains a popular favorite among his seventeen published works. It has long been celebrated at the best introduction to his “universal, articulate, interdimensional understanding of science.”


R.E. Moore’s brand new visionary art illustrations, exclusive to the Collector’s Edition, beautifully capture what unfolds as a psychic tour of a higher-frequency dimension of Venus, a world not yet visible through current Earth tech.

Through Norman’s channelship we meet the Venusian Master Mal Var, who shows us the ongoing efforts of the Venusians to serve humanity. We witness as they:

  • Build with their Minds their crystalline temples and classrooms
  • Conduct classes for truthseekers who visit in dream states
  • Prepare souls for ascension into more advanced worlds
  • Rehabilitate energy bodies broken by a violent death

The 2021 Collector’s Edition also features a restored Foreword from the first edition, written by Ruth E. Norman (1900‒1993), and a personal reminiscence of his channeling experience in Ernest Norman’s own words.

Your own views on life, death, and immortality may not be the same after you read this unique book.Many readers find that it takes them back to places they remember, in the company of the Ascended Masters they’ve known as their teachers and guides. They claim the book never loses its luster, even after countless re-visits.

Available globally, in three formats to suit your budget and taste:

  • ISBN 978-1-953474-00-1 Hardcover Collector’s Edition (Full-color illustrations)
  • ISBN 978-1-953474-01-8 E-book Collector’s Edition (Color)
  • ISBN 978-1-953474-02-5 Paperback (B&W illustrations)


The Voice of Venus is like a celestial passport to the Inner Worlds of Light. I love to visit the crystalline cities with their classrooms, healing temples, and beautiful gardens, while taking in the higher energies radiated from the Venusians. After reading, I always feel more love, peace, and joy!

Jennifer Stovall

The information that is contained in the five-volume set has been my source of inspiration for the past thirty-five plus years.

Michael L., Inventor

I always wondered about life after death and what the experience of dying would be like. This book takes you through the process in a way that is unique and exquisitely explained. The scientific and spiritual blend of knowledge is beautiful beyond anything I have ever read—or experienced!

Douglas Taylor, Artist, Author of Soulic Journeys

“… other authors’ and teachers’ works continually affirm the truth that [Ernest Norman] so humbly brought to our world.

Liam Lukasik, Curator/Editor, Libris Lotus