The Liberator

A Psychic-Spiritual History of the Orion Empire

By Lianne Downey

A channeled space adventure told by off-world narrators in what they claim to be a true history of the Earth people who lived on many planets millions of years ago. On his way to Hell, Satan made a stop. He took a lot of volunteers with him. Only one man, Dalos, a celestial leader from the Pleiades, may be capable of reversing this former angel’s fall, and saving hundreds of planetary civilizations from his destructive influence. With Dalos’ entourage already succumbing to electronic mind control, Dalos must himself survive long enough to outwit the fallen angel and save dozens of planets, home to trillions of souls falling under this dark influence. The story reads like fiction but according to the narrators, they’re sharing this tale now to help current Earth society recognize and halt this repeating pattern of our collective, extraterrestrial history.

ISBN: 978-0-9824691-0-1, Hardcover

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About the Author:

Lianne Downey graduated with a combined degree in Theater, Film, and Journalism from the University of California, Davis, and went on to serve as an arts writer for various newspapers and magazines, culminating with The Los Angeles Times, San Diego edition, where she served as San Diego theater critic.  As owner of Downey Editorial Services, she helped several authors self-publish their work in the 1990s, and worked as a writer/researcher for a best-selling college textbook series. In 2010, she released her first channeled book, The Liberator, followed by her YA fiction, Cosmic Dancer, and her non-fiction, Speed Your Evolution. She currently serves as Editor-in-Chief for Jolibro Publishing, and continues her personal spiritual quest for self-development and enlightenment through her writing.