We Save Trees …
One Book at a Time! ™

Most publishers print and ship books by the thousands, then destroy the unsold copies. Thankfully, we are different.

That’s right: With old-style publishing, bookstores have grown accustomed to returning unsold books to the publishers within three to four months! If they’re paperbacks, that might mean sending back only a ripped-off cover for credit, while the coverless books are “dumpstered” and sent to landfills. Other unsold books are “pulped” by publishers by the thousands, repeating the toxin-producing processes that created the paper in the first place. Or they’re burned in landfills.

This crazy cycle needlessly destroys trees, stresses the environment from all the shipping back and forth, and releases further toxins into land, water, and air.

We are a unique publisher in that all of our new paper book releases, both hardcover and paperback, are first created as print-on-demand titles. That means when one book is ordered, one book is printed and shipped! No waste! No returns! No bonfires! No toxic aftermath!

This new technology allows us to sell our books easily and efficiently, with limited environmental impact, in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Canada, Australia, India, Brazil, Mexico, Japan… all over the world. (Our e-books naturally save trees and extend our global reach into the newest reading platforms.)

In addition to online sellers and retail stores, you can also buy our paperback books at Espresso Book Machines,* which are truly awesome, print-on-the-spot book printing machines, right down to gluing on the cover. All accomplished in mere minutes while you watch! Look for Espresso Book Machines at your favorite airport, bookstore, or university library.

You may pay a few cents more for a new paper release from Jolibro Publishing but isn’t our planet worth it? And if it sells well (tell your friends and post your reviews!) then we’ll print in quantity and pass on the production cost-savings to our readers!

Because we love you, we love books, and we love the planet we live on.

Lianne & Joseph

When the reader is ready … the book appears! ™