What’s a Spirit Nerd?

By Lianne & Joseph Downey

Spirit nerd? We first heard the term from a work colleague who used it to describe luncheons with coworkers who shared an interest in esoteric topics. You know, the “woo” stuff you can’t discuss freely in any old crowd without a lot of raised eyebrows, skeptical guffaws, or comeback ribbing later on.

You’re way beyond that level of inquiry. You just want to trade ideas and dig deep into the mystical, magical, momentous experiences you’ve been having—or reading about.

“When are the Spirit Nerds getting together again?” became a routine question.

It fit. We like it. And here we are, running a company that publishes books made for our fellow Spirit Nerds.

Joseph in particular likes that the term combines Spirit—the intangible energy component—with Nerd, a term for someone who delves in with scientific rigor. Maybe they even grow obsessively eager to learn more and discover new things and share their results.

In our case, our entire marriage came about because we shared this fascination.

The Trouble Spirit Nerds Get Into

One evening at a neighborhood barbeque that happened to take place in a conservative religious region of the country where we’d just moved on a whim (long story, short residency), one of our brand new acquaintances piped up from across the circle of lawn chairs and asked, “So, how did you two meet?”

That was the day we began to realize the massive mistake we’d made.

We gave him the answer that sparks a lot of interesting follow-up questions here on the West Coast: “Oh, we met in a past-life therapy class.”

Not only did that meet with stunned silence, but in the next five minutes every one of a dozen fellow party-goers found a reason to get up and walk away, leaving just us and the mosquitos wondering where they all went. Crickets? Yes, those too. Four years and lots of similar experiences later, we were back home in San Diego where we belong.

We’re a Tribe

If you’re one of the people who might have responded at that barbecue with more questions, followed by a lively sharing of amazing coincidences, proofs, speculations, and woo experiences of your own—welcome to Jolibro Publishing! We’re your publishing source for the best Spirit Nerd literature we can find, from classics to new inquiries and celebrations of the multidimensional life we all live.

Whether you call yourself nerd, or lightworker, or starseed, or nature lover, or humanitarian, or simply human with natural curiosity—we’re your people, and we’re very glad to meet you!

And We Have Voices!

You can hear Joseph share his perspective on the phrase “spirit nerd” on our good friend Roslynn’s Cosmos Connector podcast here. (Save the link because we’ll be on for future guest appearances, as the spirit nerds we are.)##

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